Magnanimous Riches of His Grace

Drawn to redemption by the grace in His eyes. David Crowder Band Have you ever had such gratitude for the great riches of God's mercy and His grace? So much so that you never seem to get to the depth of it, and tears well up in your eyes from the fact that God… Continue reading Magnanimous Riches of His Grace

Audience of One

Audience of One~7

The number seven is a number that signifies being complete, or perfected.  So in this seventh post of our quest of an audience of One let our hearts focus on His perfect love that casts out all fear. When they doubted who Jesus said He was, Jesus told the Pharisees that He knew who He… Continue reading Audience of One~7

Rest, Worth Ship Wednesday

Worth Ship Wednesday:Giving God His Worth

Thankful for Vacation I just recently went on vacation with my family.  We had not been anywhere together except for twice in many months.  Our only working vehicle is a truck that seats two.  Our family of five has to pick and choose strategically who can go where.  Well, in the midst of our summer… Continue reading Worth Ship Wednesday:Giving God His Worth