Faith, Jesus Throughout Scripture

Jesus Throughout Scripture: {Joshua 1:1-11}

What's In A Name This week we will look at the book of Joshua. The name Joshua actually means "The LORD is salvation." In the book of Joshua, Joshua is raised up as a leader among the Israelites to go and conquer the Promised Land. Read Joshua 1:1-11. Unite and Conquer Just as Joshua was… Continue reading Jesus Throughout Scripture: {Joshua 1:1-11}

Encouragement, Faith, Healing, In Between

Standing In_Between

We all gathered together for time for ourselves.  To be at one with one another, in search of God and Spiritual Whitespace as my friend from across the miles, Bonnie Gray, calls it.  A book club with hearts unfolding before God. As I showered prior to our time together I heard something in my innermost… Continue reading Standing In_Between

Heart Strings, Journey To and Through the Cross

Journey To and Through the Cross ~Gathering the Others~

In the next few weeks we will be discussing the journey to and through the cross.  See the introduction to and other series posts on the main page below this post. Flock of Sheep courtesy of Petr Kratochvil Safety in a Dangerous WorldYesterday I took my girls to see The Croods.  As we walked through… Continue reading Journey To and Through the Cross ~Gathering the Others~