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Who is Worthy of Being Free?

So then, if we do not do the good we know we should do, we are guilty of sin.  James 4:17 GNT One at a Time Here is a poem by Hosanna Wong I wanted to share with you. There is so much we can do to stop human trafficking. A problem too large you… Continue reading Who is Worthy of Being Free?

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A Watch for Freedom

The Exodus Road is partnering with Sak Saum, and for every watch purchase a portion of the proceeds goes to the ministry which helps put a stop to human trafficking.  I took a look at the site where you purchase and you can choose the face shape and the color of the strap.  Custom made… Continue reading A Watch for Freedom

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Yes You Can Help Stop Human Trafficking

The Exodus Road has launched a program which enables you to personally fuel and empower literal rescue. You are invited to join a real-life covert investigative team through our new partnership, Search and Rescue. From our experience, it takes about $35 for a night for one of our investigators to engage in local surveillance. Since we… Continue reading Yes You Can Help Stop Human Trafficking

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Sex Trafficking ~What can you do?~

When it comes to sex trafficking we often don't know what to do, and think that the people it effects are so far away from us.  However, they are in your town, your city, your country, and your world.  Victims of horrific crimes against humanity.  My answer to the posed question is, I will be… Continue reading Sex Trafficking ~What can you do?~