Focusing on Grace: What is Your Focus Word for 2015?

Grace.  It almost seems cliché in the world of "Christianese", but it is definitely not.  When I was contemplating what word God was laying on my heart this year I pondered several.  Celebrate, Harvest, and Be were all on my list.  Grace was not. But I'm glad this word struck my heart the way it… Continue reading Focusing on Grace: What is Your Focus Word for 2015?


Dear Chihuahua of Fear

36 So if the Son sets you free, you will be free indeed. John 8:36 Destination Freedom Since I came to Christ years ago I have heard about freedom.  That if Jesus sets you free you are free indeed.  Well that has been a struggle for me.  The abuse in my past has had me locked… Continue reading Dear Chihuahua of Fear

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Surrendering the Stuffing

50 Before the years of famine came, two sons were born to Joseph by Asenath daughter of Potiphera, priest of On. 51 Joseph named his firstborn Manasseh and said, “It is because God has made me forget all my trouble and all my father’s household.” 52 The second son he named Ephraim and said, “It is because God… Continue reading Surrendering the Stuffing

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Raise Your Voice: People Not Statistics

6 Seconds Human trafficking is everywhere.  It's in your town, and your city.  Just check your local stores for the missing persons signs.  There are children, women, and men being sold for someone's six seconds of sick pleasure. One of the best things we can do to help stop what is happening is to know… Continue reading Raise Your Voice: People Not Statistics

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Help Us Catch a Pedophile! Be a Rescuer.

There was no one who would rescue me from childhood sexual abuse from the ages of three to seventeen.  I lived with a pedophile.  However, I can be a rescuer today and so can you. I've been talking a lot lately about the issue of modern day slavery, the importance of freedom, and the realities… Continue reading Help Us Catch a Pedophile! Be a Rescuer.