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Raise Your Voice: People Not Statistics

6 Seconds Human trafficking is everywhere.  It's in your town, and your city.  Just check your local stores for the missing persons signs.  There are children, women, and men being sold for someone's six seconds of sick pleasure. One of the best things we can do to help stop what is happening is to know… Continue reading Raise Your Voice: People Not Statistics

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Yes You Can Help Stop Human Trafficking

The Exodus Road has launched a program which enables you to personally fuel and empower literal rescue. You are invited to join a real-life covert investigative team through our new partnership, Search and Rescue. From our experience, it takes about $35 for a night for one of our investigators to engage in local surveillance. Since we… Continue reading Yes You Can Help Stop Human Trafficking

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Help Us Catch a Pedophile! Be a Rescuer.

There was no one who would rescue me from childhood sexual abuse from the ages of three to seventeen.  I lived with a pedophile.  However, I can be a rescuer today and so can you. I've been talking a lot lately about the issue of modern day slavery, the importance of freedom, and the realities… Continue reading Help Us Catch a Pedophile! Be a Rescuer.

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Sex Trafficking ~What can you do?~

When it comes to sex trafficking we often don't know what to do, and think that the people it effects are so far away from us.  However, they are in your town, your city, your country, and your world.  Victims of horrific crimes against humanity.  My answer to the posed question is, I will be… Continue reading Sex Trafficking ~What can you do?~