Depression, Doubt, Facing Fear, Fighting the Good Fight, Sacrifice of Praise

When Thanksgiving is a Sacrifice

I ride down the road with a battle in my mind about the goodness of God and the season to be jolly.  So many things have happened in the last few years that one would never want to assume being a Christian is easy.  They say that salvation is easy because it is.  You just… Continue reading When Thanksgiving is a Sacrifice

Facing Fear, Renewing the Mind

Answering the Wolf at the Door

A while ago I wrote this post Dear Chihuahua of Fear. Please read it and then come back here to finish the story. Let me just be Melinda with you since I can't be Frank.  (That's not my name.)  Lately, the Chihuahua has been a raging lunatic growing daily in unbelievable proportions.  He now looks… Continue reading Answering the Wolf at the Door