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Jesus Throughout Scripture: Genesis

Let's dive into scripture each week and look at Jesus as He is revealed to us. Some of us already know that Jesus is in every book of the Bible. Others do not realize that He is mentioned and appears throughout scripture for us to see if we just look closely.  Whether this is a… Continue reading Jesus Throughout Scripture: Genesis

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Shalom: Views and Prejudices On Healing

Views When you approach the subject of healing what views and prejudices about healing have you heard along the journey with Jesus the Healer? There are about four common views that theologians have on healing. They are as follows: Healing is not in the atonement. Healing is through the atonement. Healing is absolutely guaranteed in… Continue reading Shalom: Views and Prejudices On Healing

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Agapetos: One Who is Unconditionally Loved

Shaking Beloved is translated into agapetos in the Greek.  It stands for one who is loved unconditionally. When I think about the fact that God loves me unconditionally and calls me His beloved, I remember the last few years and the shaking of everything in my life. I don't think that I could explain the… Continue reading Agapetos: One Who is Unconditionally Loved

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The Rain is Gone

Today I went to pick up my new pair of glasses.  When I first tried them on it was shocking.  I had not seen that clearly in a long time, and I didn't even know it.  I felt my eyes were saying, "Wow, so this is what we were missing."  At the same time it… Continue reading The Rain is Gone

Audience of One

Audience of One~16

During the reign of Domitian, the Romans used the Isle of Patmos as a place of exile for those who committed crimes.  Due to the preaching of the gospel of Christ, John, the beloved disciple, was exiled there.  In the chaos of His circumstances, he was given the Revelation of Jesus Christ. 9 I, John,… Continue reading Audience of One~16