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Jesus Throughout Scripture: Genesis

Let's dive into scripture each week and look at Jesus as He is revealed to us. Some of us already know that Jesus is in every book of the Bible. Others do not realize that He is mentioned and appears throughout scripture for us to see if we just look closely.  Whether this is a… Continue reading Jesus Throughout Scripture: Genesis

Heart Strings

Journey To and Through The Cross: Do you love Me?

Scripture Focus: John 19-21 Crucifixion Only a few followed Him to the cross.  They allowed their eyes to watch as He suffered, was judged unfairly without a word in response, was spit upon, mocked, beaten, carried His own cross, was crucified, and breathed His last.  Imagine everything coming to an end in such a way.… Continue reading Journey To and Through The Cross: Do you love Me?

Heart Strings

From a Chrysalis: Anticipate Resurrection

The butterfly has been everywhere this week.  Previews, movies, commercials, and I know it is not a coincidence.  God is whispering truth through a picture that shows a future reality.  Out of this Chrysalis will come a butterfly. At times I admit that doubts weigh me down, and the wings of hope have to flap… Continue reading From a Chrysalis: Anticipate Resurrection