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Jesus Throughout Scripture: {Joshua 1:1-11}

What's In A Name This week we will look at the book of Joshua. The name Joshua actually means "The LORD is salvation." In the book of Joshua, Joshua is raised up as a leader among the Israelites to go and conquer the Promised Land. Read Joshua 1:1-11. Unite and Conquer Just as Joshua was… Continue reading Jesus Throughout Scripture: {Joshua 1:1-11}

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Facing Fear on the Way to Your Promised Land

An Invitation to Live The waves at the ocean look inviting when it is one hundred degrees on the sandy beach.  However, as I got up to join my family splashing in the waves, I got a sinking feeling I am all too familiar with.  Fear.  It crawls up and threatens to choke out all… Continue reading Facing Fear on the Way to Your Promised Land

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Do You Hold Your Destiny Beloved?

When You Make Plans The beginning of this year looked so promising as I got my schedule together and made plans.  But how many of you know that even if we have sought God's will, that sometimes He interrupts, or allows an interruption of those plans.  Well, I ended up with vertigo. Labrinthitis the doc… Continue reading Do You Hold Your Destiny Beloved?

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Worth Ship Wednesday: The Real Promised Land

Promised Land? You know it is easy to look at someones life and judge their success and their wholeness by what is visible to the human eye.  However, we would be amiss to believe that what we see defines a whole person, a healed person, a successful person.  A promised land dweller. Everyone has a… Continue reading Worth Ship Wednesday: The Real Promised Land

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Faith Stands at Flood Stage

CAUTION I had a little wooden sign that hung over my door as a young girl.  It was a gift from my aunt.  It read: Please be patient. God isn't finished with me yet. I am still carrying a construction sign that reads: Pardon my mess, but Jesus isn't finished with me yet. I'm still… Continue reading Faith Stands at Flood Stage