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Music Monday 6/26/17

Here are the songs of the week! http://www.godtube.com/embed/source/1b9c2cnu.js?w=728&h=408&ap=true&sl=true‘The One That Really Matters’ – Live Duet From Michael W. Smith And Kari Jobe from michael-w-smith on GodTube. http://www.godtube.com/embed/source/ykylwwnx.js?w=728&h=408&ap=true&sl=true'Beloved' - Jordan Feliz Reminds Us Of God's Love from jordan-feliz on GodTube.

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Worth Ship Wednesday: Get Your Scary Praise On

In my quiet time today there was something in my soul blocking my praise to the Lord. I knew it was there. It was like something caught in my spiritual throat. When it happens these days I am determined to get my praise on anyway. Have you been there? We all have. When we are… Continue reading Worth Ship Wednesday: Get Your Scary Praise On