Dear Chihuahua of Fear

36 So if the Son sets you free, you will be free indeed. John 8:36 Destination Freedom Since I came to Christ years ago I have heard about freedom.  That if Jesus sets you free you are free indeed.  Well that has been a struggle for me.  The abuse in my past has had me locked… Continue reading Dear Chihuahua of Fear

Depression, Doubt, Facing Fear, Fighting the Good Fight, Sacrifice of Praise

When Thanksgiving is a Sacrifice

I ride down the road with a battle in my mind about the goodness of God and the season to be jolly.  So many things have happened in the last few years that one would never want to assume being a Christian is easy.  They say that salvation is easy because it is.  You just… Continue reading When Thanksgiving is a Sacrifice

Community, Healing, Using Your Voice, When A Woman Finds Her Voice

Why We Need Community (even if it broke our hearts)

How do you define community? It really can mean a variety of things.  You can Google the word community and see how many different ways it is defined just on the first webpage.   Click Here for Define Community Welcome back. 🙂 So you've seen there are many ways to define community.  But not one… Continue reading Why We Need Community (even if it broke our hearts)

Another Samaritan

Telling the Thirsty

Dear Readers, I wanted to share my new blog baby with you all.  I have launched Another Samaritan Woman this week.  It is a blog with the intention of ministering to others who have a history of child abuse, childhood sexual abuse, rape, and post-abortion syndrome. You can read more here on the about page. … Continue reading Telling the Thirsty