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Why We Need Community (even if it broke our hearts)

How do you define community? It really can mean a variety of things.  You can Google the word community and see how many different ways it is defined just on the first webpage.   Click Here for Define Community Welcome back. 🙂 So you've seen there are many ways to define community.  But not one… Continue reading Why We Need Community (even if it broke our hearts)

Facing Fear, Renewing the Mind

Answering the Wolf at the Door

A while ago I wrote this post Dear Chihuahua of Fear. Please read it and then come back here to finish the story. Let me just be Melinda with you since I can't be Frank.  (That's not my name.)  Lately, the Chihuahua has been a raging lunatic growing daily in unbelievable proportions.  He now looks… Continue reading Answering the Wolf at the Door

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Cluttered Chaos of the Mind

Piercing I cover my ears and face, rocking back and forth, knees to my chest, and choking back big sobs. I take another anti-anxiety pill to stop the trembling and hopefully get some sleep tonight. They are so loud. Memories piercing like blasts of a siren.  These flashbacks in the clutter of my mind that… Continue reading Cluttered Chaos of the Mind