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Childhood Sexual Abuse and We Too

I was sexually abused by my father for 14 years. Then sexually abused in my first marriage among emotional, and physical abuse. It has been a long road to recovery that I am still on to renew my mind with the word of God and the help of my therapist and EMDR therapy. I wrote… Continue reading Childhood Sexual Abuse and We Too

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Identity: Not Marked Blog Tour and Book Review

Emotional Health and Spiritual Maturity Emotional health in the church is linked to spiritual maturity.  But, so many don't know that. God says in His word that we should let go of what lies behind and press on to what lies ahead.   This is so true, but it is often taken out of context.… Continue reading Identity: Not Marked Blog Tour and Book Review

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Moment with God Monday: Open Hearted

This is a brief moment with God on our "manic" Monday.  Today our focus is living open hearted.  I made my pledge to live with an open heart.  So today you will get the opportunity to hear my voice. Here's a little poetry and pledge.  Will you take the pledge with me? If you need… Continue reading Moment with God Monday: Open Hearted

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Unexpected Grace

      Never again will I subject myself to community.  I will be just fine right here with my husband and three kids!  I walled off my heart from the hurt I didn't want to experience ever again, and from the God who allowed it to happen.   My family, my friends, my church… Continue reading Unexpected Grace

Open Heart Mondays

None Like He

In The Wall Around Your Heart Mary Demuth writes, "Sometimes we wrap God in the cloak of others, reasoning that we're loving those people for God's sake or bowing to their needs to build God's glorious kingdom." Yet in doing so we can lose our identity in those relationships which allows those we have made… Continue reading None Like He