Cross, Delivered, Faith, Forgiveness

Jesus Throughout Scripture: {Exodus 12:3)

Sacrifices and Temples Have you ever wondered why before there was a temple there was an offering to God? I haven't either, but it struck me as I was preparing to write today's post. We saw the patriarchs build altars and make sacrifices,  but the temple was built by the Israelites and Moses after their… Continue reading Jesus Throughout Scripture: {Exodus 12:3)

Journey To and Through the Cross, Passover

Journey To and Through the Cross

Reflecting on this week being Holy Week.  The week that led up to and contained the perfect sacrifice of Jesus Christ our Lord on our behalf a new series has sprung from the overflow of God's grace, mercy, and love for us.  Beginning Monday the series, Journey To and Through the Cross will begin. A… Continue reading Journey To and Through the Cross