Journey To and Through the Cross, Passover

Journey To and Through the Cross

Reflecting on this week being Holy Week.  The week that led up to and contained the perfect sacrifice of Jesus Christ our Lord on our behalf a new series has sprung from the overflow of God's grace, mercy, and love for us.  Beginning Monday the series, Journey To and Through the Cross will begin. A… Continue reading Journey To and Through the Cross

Heart Strings

From a Chrysalis: Anticipate Resurrection

The butterfly has been everywhere this week.  Previews, movies, commercials, and I know it is not a coincidence.  God is whispering truth through a picture that shows a future reality.  Out of this Chrysalis will come a butterfly. At times I admit that doubts weigh me down, and the wings of hope have to flap… Continue reading From a Chrysalis: Anticipate Resurrection