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Jesus Throughout Scripture: {Numbers 9:15-16}

Oops I realized a short time after hitting publish on last week's short article that I completely skipped over a book of the Bible. Ahem. I tossed around the idea of editing, and then I decided we would just come back to it this week. These long days of summer are just permissive like that… Continue reading Jesus Throughout Scripture: {Numbers 9:15-16}


Jesus Throughout Scripture: {Deuteronomy 1:33}

A LOOK BACK In our study of Jesus throughout Scripture we have been finding the scripture references that depict him in each book of the Bible. Let's recap on the first three books shall we? In Genesis 3:15, He is the Seed of the woman. In Exodus 12:3, He is the Passover Lamb. In Leviticus… Continue reading Jesus Throughout Scripture: {Deuteronomy 1:33}