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Jesus Throughout Scripture: Genesis

Let's dive into scripture each week and look at Jesus as He is revealed to us. Some of us already know that Jesus is in every book of the Bible. Others do not realize that He is mentioned and appears throughout scripture for us to see if we just look closely.  Whether this is a… Continue reading Jesus Throughout Scripture: Genesis

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Resistance: A Lesson in Truth and All New Link Up

(Have you entered the giveaway for the month?  Check out my freebies page.) Welcome to my NASCAR Racing Mind I can drive myself NASCAR crazy worrying about things all day.  Things that may be about my past, my present, and even my future.  I have a mind that runs like a rabid dog toward the,… Continue reading Resistance: A Lesson in Truth and All New Link Up

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Monday Moment with God: Shaped, Whittled, or Wasted

The Artisan's Vision I love the movie Ghost.  I'm just one who loves a romantic movie, and just about everyone you ask who has seen the movie knows that scene where Demi Moore is shaping a work on the potters wheel.  A vision in mind, she is tenderly lost in shaping what's to come with… Continue reading Monday Moment with God: Shaped, Whittled, or Wasted

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Moment with God Monday: Strategies

ON DISPLAY The animal kingdom is a beautiful display of God's glory.  And today there is an aspect of it that has me thinking about how much we can learn about ourselves from creation.  Specifically the protection strategies of animals.  Some use mimicry to look like others.  Some are invisible.  Some burrow down into the… Continue reading Moment with God Monday: Strategies

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Audience of One~23

It is Thursday, Day 23 of our devotion to our audience of One,  and we are joining the Faith Jam in questioning what attracts us to Jesus?  Click above to find out what attracts others to God when you are done here. In considering our audience of One, Jesus, and His glorious names, I have… Continue reading Audience of One~23