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Identity: God’s Perspective

It's easy to look on others with a God complex, but hard to look at others flat footed with God's perspective. Do you remember the day you heard of the grace of Jesus Christ the first time? Do you remember the day when you felt the conviction of the sinful life you lived, and the… Continue reading Identity: God’s Perspective

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Identity: A Glimpse at Perfection

Can You Relate? Growing up I had a teacher in Germany who used to tell me my handwriting was awful.  She used to sit me out in the hallway and tell me to write my lessons over and over and over. She did not like the way I held a pencil.  So she made me… Continue reading Identity: A Glimpse at Perfection

Mercy Not Sacrifice

Worth Ship Wednesday: Put on Mercy Not Sacrifice

Today in my quiet time with the Lord I was reminded that He desires mercy and not sacrifice.  This inspired praise that leads me to worship. He wants us to be merciful instead of desiring sacrifice, and He teaches this by demonstrating this to us from the beginning through salvation.  Then continually as we seek… Continue reading Worth Ship Wednesday: Put on Mercy Not Sacrifice