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When Fog Settles In

Vague Fog Today is one of those days when I am questioning if what I am doing is the right thing.  And, the thing is there seems to be a vague fog circling my mind. SoI prayed and asked the only one with clarity what I should do. Inquiring Mind I picked up my phone… Continue reading When Fog Settles In

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Faith is action!

What now? So many times lately I have cried out to the Father asking, "What do I do? You have called me to walk on water, but I don't have a clue how to. I have the slightest idea of which step to make first. This thing you asked of me, it's huge.  The shoes… Continue reading Faith is action!

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Identity: A Glimpse at Perfection

Can You Relate? Growing up I had a teacher in Germany who used to tell me my handwriting was awful.  She used to sit me out in the hallway and tell me to write my lessons over and over and over. She did not like the way I held a pencil.  So she made me… Continue reading Identity: A Glimpse at Perfection