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How Beauty is Birthed

  Where Grace Breaks Through I have been so aware of my brokenness lately.  During those times we can become distracted by the state of our mind, souls, or bodies.  Their brokenness shouting louder than the still small voice we long to hear.  So while in prayer, I turn my eyes toward Jesus and ask… Continue reading How Beauty is Birthed

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Monday Moment with God: Shaped, Whittled, or Wasted

The Artisan's Vision I love the movie Ghost.  I'm just one who loves a romantic movie, and just about everyone you ask who has seen the movie knows that scene where Demi Moore is shaping a work on the potters wheel.  A vision in mind, she is tenderly lost in shaping what's to come with… Continue reading Monday Moment with God: Shaped, Whittled, or Wasted