Audience of One, Faith

This One Thing

 No one can be compared to God, enthroned on high! He stoops down to look upon the earth and the skies. TPT Psalm 113:4 I have this thing. This one thing. That always trips me up. I always worry about what other people think about me. As a mother As a wife As a minister… Continue reading This One Thing


Perfectionism or Approval Addiction

You call it perfectionism.  I call it approval addiction.  It's all the same.  It is all rooted and grounded in wrong thinking. Thinking that we have to measure up to what other's think, and have their approval to be of any worth. This is the lie bought into with every action we take to please… Continue reading Perfectionism or Approval Addiction

Open Heart Mondays

None Like He

In The Wall Around Your Heart Mary Demuth writes, "Sometimes we wrap God in the cloak of others, reasoning that we're loving those people for God's sake or bowing to their needs to build God's glorious kingdom." Yet in doing so we can lose our identity in those relationships which allows those we have made… Continue reading None Like He