Healing Resources

This is home to healing resources such as websites, books, blogs, and other resources that will help you on your journey to not only deliverance but being whole and set free.  From time to time I will add more as I walk further toward a place called whole.  These resources have blessed me.  I pray they are a  blessing to you.


Breaking Free by Beth Moore

So Long Insecurity by Beth Moore

Codependency No More by Melodie Beatty

The Wounded Heart by Dan Allender

The Wounded Heart Workbook by Dan Allender

Self Matters by Dr. Phil McGraw

Life Code by Dr. Phil McGraw

Boundaries by Henry Cloud and John Townsend

Safe People by Henry Cloud

Hush by Nicole Braddock Bromley

Breathe by  Nicole Braddock Bromley

The Wall Around Your Heart by Mary Demuth

Thin Places A Memoir by Mary Demuth

When A Woman Finds Her Voice by Jo Ann Fore

Write Where It Hurts by Jo Ann Fore

One Thousand Gifts by Ann Voskamp

One Thousand Gifts Devotional Journal by Ann Voskamp

Tell Me Everything by Marilyn Meberg

Layers by Sandi Patti



For Women

Sometimes our healing is just the need to accept ourselves as a woman, as a mother, and so on.  If you are a Christian woman doing real life then I recommend you check out:

http://www.incourage.me  Real women are doing real life and sharing their stories along the way to encourage you.

For Men

Guys I haven’t forgotten you. Here is a place for you http://www.thespiritualmancave.com/

Childhood Sexual Abuse

Find resources from a woman who has walked the healing journey and is now helping others to live uncaged.  http://www.marydemuth.com

Healing From Your Past

The Hope Coach Jo Ann Fore can be found at JoAnnFore.com  Here you will find a woman who is teaching others how to Write Where It Hurts, and to Use Your Voice. http://www.joannfore.com

Christian Counselor Blogs



Other Faithful Bloggers

Faithful blogs provide nourishment for the Christian journey.  If you have a specific type of encouragement or healing you are looking for there are faithful bloggers that devote their lives to writing and have listed their blogs by topic in a directory.  Check out this directory at my friend Courtney’s website.





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