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Let it Rain

Lyrics | Andy Park lyrics - Let It Rain lyrics I saw a map a few weeks ago that showed the nations draught conditions.  So I began praying for rain.Well it started raining last Wednesday and it didn't stop until yesterday. The hard cracked earth is now pliable and today they are calling for sunshine.… Continue reading Let it Rain

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A Word of Worship on Expectation

During this season of mourning my family has been heavy hit with, to include my grandmother currently walking through the valley of the shadow of death, we have done all we can, and now we just stand still and wait for the salvation of our God. I long to refocus on the Life-giver when I… Continue reading A Word of Worship on Expectation

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Cycle of Life: Expectation and Legacy (in honor of Nanny Patrick)

Different and Differently This week has really been that which makes you step back and look at your life.  Days you wish you could do differently.  Not regrets necessarily, just differently.  I see my children so grown and in different stages of their lives from age 6-16.  I ponder where the days went.  Motherhood can… Continue reading Cycle of Life: Expectation and Legacy (in honor of Nanny Patrick)

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A Crown not a Medal

I was just playing solitaire.  I love to play pyramid.  It is quite difficult to win, and I like the challenge.  It usually takes like ten attempts before I read YOU WIN on the screen. Sometimes more. When I see those words they breathe new life into me and I am raring to go again. … Continue reading A Crown not a Medal

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From a Chrysalis: Fearless Part 4

What is fearless? Fearless is a strange word.  Like the word courageous.  Fearless means without fear, or brave.  Some dictionaries list courageous as the definition of fearless.  I don't agree with the, without fear, definition. Courage is being afraid and doing it anyway.  Fearless to me is fearing less than you did, and so you… Continue reading From a Chrysalis: Fearless Part 4