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Cluttered Chaos of the Mind

Piercing I cover my ears and face, rocking back and forth, knees to my chest, and choking back big sobs. I take another anti-anxiety pill to stop the trembling and hopefully get some sleep tonight. They are so loud. Memories piercing like blasts of a siren.  These flashbacks in the clutter of my mind that… Continue reading Cluttered Chaos of the Mind

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Worth Ship Wednesday: A Throne of Grace

Blessed is the man whose sin the Lord will never count against him.  Romans 4:8 NIV Sacrifice Did you know that our sin is not counted against you and when you stand before the throne? If you have accepted the work that Jesus did on the cross then He is your Savior and your Advocate. … Continue reading Worth Ship Wednesday: A Throne of Grace

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No More Manic Mondays

Do you remember that song?  If you caught the song title in the title of this post you are probably hearing the refrain. "Just another Manic Monday, I wish it were a Sunday." Is this how you feel as you approach the week? Are you dangling from your coffee cup begging for more energy and… Continue reading No More Manic Mondays

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Finished for 2000 years!

Jesus did the work necessary for salvation, deliverance, healing, provision, and gave us His righteousness when He died on the cross. Cross by Josée Holland Eclipse That is why He said, "It is finished!" John 19:30 There is nothing you can do to earn it, change yourself, or deserve it. You can only accept what He has done. … Continue reading Finished for 2000 years!