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How Beauty is Birthed

  Where Grace Breaks Through I have been so aware of my brokenness lately.  During those times we can become distracted by the state of our mind, souls, or bodies.  Their brokenness shouting louder than the still small voice we long to hear.  So while in prayer, I turn my eyes toward Jesus and ask… Continue reading How Beauty is Birthed

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The Fortress Heart

Knock, Knock, Knock He stands at the gates of the fortress and knocks. I hear the chains rattling. Locked tight. Boundaries are good and necessary. Walls are another story.  A way to self protect. Beth Moore's words echo loudly in my mind from long ago. She said something like, "You can protect yourself right out… Continue reading The Fortress Heart

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Ministry Misconception

The biggest misconception about ministry  is that you must have it all together. That you must have buckets of faith and grow mustard plants for more seed.  That you must know more first.  That ministers have attained perfection, must be completely healed, must have become whole, are a certain age, have a degree, licensure, are… Continue reading Ministry Misconception

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Shalom~Nothing Missing Nothing Broken

A Cracked Egg Most of us know the story of Humpty Dumpty. He was an egg that fell off the wall and all the king's horses and all the king's men couldn't put him together again. I was thinking of this story in regards to wholeness and this is what I have decided to be… Continue reading Shalom~Nothing Missing Nothing Broken