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Doubt and Fear

Let’s remember that Jesus didn’t leave Thomas to suffer without the blessing of faith and confidence; he gave him the evidence he required. That is typical of Jesus’s approach to doubt; he responded to honest doubters in the way he knew best, the way that would help them to move from doubt to knowledge.

Dallas Willard

What is doubt?

Doubt??? What is it? I describe it as, “This is only a test of the emergency broadcast system.”📻📺. The siren goes off and we panic only to find out it is just a test to make sure it’s working should a real emergency come. Such as a terrible storm with tornado activity.

Hmmm… the storm like the one on the lake where Peter and Jesus were walking. Where Peter doubted and reached out to Jesus who was right there all the time.

Defining Doubt

Do you know the definition of doubt? It is basically an uncertainty or lack of conviction. However there is an archaic meaning: fear. What do I mean about archaic language? Very old supposed obsolete language. However, it also relates to the 6th or 7th century B.C. in Greece.

So during biblical times it meant fear. I can think of a few biblical references such as:

“O you of little faith, why did you doubt?” Here Jesus is saying why didn’t you keep your eyes on me? Why did you let the wind and the waves distract you and bring you to fear so that you couldn’t do what I said?

Where does it come from?

Doubt is of the enemy! He wants to create a fear that God’s word isn’t true. Doubt is something the human species has dealt with since the beginning of time. Just like in Genesis when he tempts Eve saying, “You shall not surely die.” He wants you to question your faith. Your belief in Who God says He is,and what His promises are. Instilling fear where your belief is concerned. Remember he disguises himself as an angel of light. One who twists the word subtly. That’s why we MUST know the word for ourselves. So we can change the loop from doubt and fear in our mind into God’s promises and have Faith.

An example of how we can work this in our minds is:

Like having pseudoguilt, guilt from letting people down and harping on it is doubt. God says we are supposed to please him not people. Once we realize we have let this happen we fear that we have sinned because we feared what people thought? This is just another example of how doubt is fear.

Applying the lesson.

So what are some examples of this in your life? How can you change the loop in your mind to faith. Comment below.

By the way, Faith comes by hearing, so for a while you must speak that word out loud watering your faith.

If you have been blessed by this word from the Lord won’t you share it with others. Thank you.

❤ Melinda

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