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Worth Ship Wednesday: Lalibela

Our Prayer: 

Abba,  Tell us how you used your servant in the desert to build your church so that our faith may be full.  In Jesus name, Amen.

Our Devotion: 

Read Acts 8:26-40 Hover over and read before moving on.


One Man’s Obedience

In the Acts of the Apostles the first missional convert was an Ethiopian eunuch that was traveling through the desert on his way to back to Ethiopia from Jerusalem.  He was reading Isaiah the prophet there in the desert.  God had told His servant Philip to go to the desert, and when he got there he joined the chariot at God’s leading.  There Philip interpreted the scripture and preached the gospel to the eunuch.

That eunuch went back to Ethiopia and started sharing the gospel. Today the Ethiopian Orthodox Church is one of the oldest churches in the world.

Something so cool and faith filling was birthed by this church. The churches are in Lalibela. They are tourist attractions, and the faithful flock to them just as people flock to the holy land.

There is something so amazing about these churches. They are actually natural wonders. They have been hewn from the rock over 900 years ago. Built from the top down. The people of the land built them that way. In no other place is a church built from the top down, but I think we can learn something from all of this.

A prophet obeyed God. He went into the wilderness to preach the gospel. A man heard, and once he was introduced to Jesus through the sharing of the gospel went back to His country.

That one prophet’s obedience turned into churches built from the top down.  From heaven to earth.  Oh, that we would all build churches this way.   It was hewn with love and obedience from the Rock that is our cornerstone.  Jesus the Savior of the world.

What must we do to accomplish this?  Be obedient to where God is calling us.  Preach the gospel.  Speak of the wonder of Jesus and the scandalous way in which He loved and still loves all mankind.

Faith action: 

Sharing Christ’s love and the story of redemption.  The only real way to build a church.

Revealing Buried Treasure: 

1.)  To where was Philip called?

2.)  What would have happened if he had not obeyed?

3.)  What was the message God sent Him to share?

4.)  What compelled the eunuch to be baptized immediately?  Just something to ponder.

5.)  How is God calling you to build the church in your desert place?

Read more about Lalibela 


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