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Seeing The Light

Sunlight After the Storm Courtesy of

In Him was life, and the life. was the light of men. John1:4

This morning it was dark and rainy outside. Now the sun is shining behind all the clouds just peeking through. Yet that overcomes lthe darkness.

Are you surrounded by clouds, a season of darkness in a storm? Pray for God to show you the light. The storm will pass and…

When God is invited into your darkness His light is not that of a candle. But of a bright lamp lighting up the darkness and overtaking it.

He created the sun. Imagine His light overcoming your darkness today. He is the light of the world. (John 8:12)

Remember the sun is always shining above the clouds. So if we simply change our focus to Jesus, our life will have light.

Some ways to do this are prayer and praise. So what is your favorite praise and worship song? Listen to it today and allow the anxiety of the storm to pass away.

Can I pray for you?

Abba Father, I pray that the one reading this would be able to see the light at the end of the storm. Let there be light Lord to overcome the darkness, and lift heavy hearts flooding them with your Spirit. Send your ministering angels to bring the light in the midst of the storm. We thank you that the light shines in the darkness and the darkness cannot overcome it. (John1:5) In Jesus name, Amen

Asutumn CLouds in the Evening Sun courtesy of

Comment with your favorite song to share worship with others and bring light to their lives through this small act of kindness. A candle in the darkness shines brightly.

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