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Putting Jesus First

Image courtesy of Pawel Ludzinski

We Should Put Him First

This morning I am wrestling with the truth that Jesus is the firstborn Son.  Choosing to chew on that fact until I reach further revelation.  If He is the firstborn Son then that means there are more sons and daughters.  And those sons and daughters should recognize that we should put Him first.

So here are some things I considered in putting Jesus first:

  • He was the firstborn of Mary.
  • He was the first born of the Spirit. He was God’s first Son.
  • He was the firstborn of the Kingdom of Heaven.
  • He was the first to be with God, in the beginning, the first Son of Creation.
  • He was, He is, and He will always be forevermore.


So as we recognize these truths how do we put Him first in our lives?

  • We wake and greet HIm first.
  • We give priority to the study of His Word.
  • We walk according to that Word. Applying it to our lives daily.
  • We pray before meals acknowledging that our blessings are from Him.
  • We give Him all the glory for everything good that happens in our lives.
  • We make sure people can “see” He is first in our lives.

In what way do you put Jesus first?  Leave a comment below.  I love to hear from readers.


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