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When Seasons Change

“As long as the earth endures, seedtime and harvest, cold and heat, summer and winter, day and night will never cease.”  Genesis 8:22 NIV

the-four-seasons via George Hodan

We are on the brink of seasons changing.  Children are going back to school.  The weather will soon bring awesome days, and nights needing a hoodie or sweatshirt to warm us.  This is my favorite season Fall.  I love when the leaves change and the weather gets cooler.  Football starts, and a cup of hot cocoa before bed makes you linger longer into a deep sleep.  Not to mention my birthday is in October.  Where we live in Virginia by Halloween it gets cold.

Speaking of seasons changing.  They also change our lives.  Currently, I have just been back to college at ORU to finish out my degree.  I haven’t been to school in three years so all my assignments I have doubt with.  Still, I press on.   We can experience a season of doubt.  Where everything turns upside down and we don’t know which way is up.  Like a dive into the ocean, it takes time to get our bearings.

Something else happens when the seasons change.  We put clothes away from last season and we pull out what we will need for the current one.  Spiritually we can bundle up, but as the leaves begin to fall we can begin to feel stripped of our spiritual bundling.  Our hang-ups within our spiritual life begin to show their true colors and then fall away as we press into God.

All of the changes going on can leave us feeling vulnerable.  But the promise that the seasons will always leave us with hope for spring.

Do you have fear or trepidation about the changing seasons, or are you able to adapt to the flow?

Please leave your comment below.  I love to hear from you.

Today I am linking up with a community at Dare2hear.com.  Please go by there and grab another cup of encouragement.


1 thought on “When Seasons Change”

  1. I love the way seasons change. I love something about each season. The temperatures, the scents, the way nature changes, etc. Our lives go through different seasons, too.

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