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More Than a Hundred Verses: Genesis Continued

Red gift box courtesy of Karen Arnold

One of the things I want to be best at is knowing the Word of God.  It is our armor against the enemy, it calls things into being, it heals, it sanctifies, it saves lives.

The best way to learn scripture is to first meditate on it.  Chew it up and get all the spiritual nutrients out of it.

We started this series last Monday.  You can find it here.  Genesis the Beginning

Because of the amount of scripture last week we will take an extra week to continue meditating on or memorizing the Genesis scriptures.  The link above will take you to the first set of scriptures.

A poem for your thoughts:


Everybody’s heart sings

It’s very own song.

Beating to the rhythm

As we sing along.

Each and every morning

Fresh mercy comes

Changing the melody

Grace has welcomed.

—Melinda McCray

A Great-Full Challenge

Look for joy this week.  Write down all the ways you found it and put it in a box or jar.

At the beginning of the month read them all.  Then start your next month over again.

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