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Four Leaf Clover Phenom and Whispers of Rest by Bonnie Gray

“But you will be named my Delight…For the Lord delights in you.”  Isaiah 62:4

We see the four-leaf clover as precious and rare, so we treasure it. However, it is an anomaly or a defect in the clover. What if we were to apply the four-leaf clover phenomenon to the real world, let’s say, people, then those who had a defect or anomaly would become a phenomenon and we would treasure them. That’s the kind of world that I want to grow up in.  But that is just not the world we are leaving our children.  Instead, the world teaches them they have to be perfect.  So they strive to achieve perfection.  Just like we do.

And all this striving can get in the way of our connection with God.  I know it got in the middle of my relationship with God and created a wedge where I felt I had failed Him terribly.  I allowed that feeling of failure to grow so large I couldn’t see grace anymore. [Tweet “Then the Lord sent me a ray of light.”] It was an invitation to join Bonnie Gray in helping release her book Whispers of Rest: 40 Days of God’s Love to Revitalize Your Soul.

As I read the devotional each day I began to be refreshed by the wooing of the Lord and His invitation to come unto Him and rest in His love.  The more I read my heart opened wide for the Lord and I began to journal again.  Something I had enjoyed but had stopped doing altogether.  Something Bonnie said in her book was, “How are you allowing the world– your past, how you look, what you own, who you know, your failures, or successes– to name you?”  She also wrote, “It’s vulnerable to believe something so audacious that says:  You don’t have to earn my love.  You are my delight.  As is.”

So I learned again, which we all need a reminder of God’s grace, that God loved me just as I am.  Failures and all, and He was there to pick me back up and call me, “His delight.”

Bonnie’s book releases today.  I cannot urge you enough to get this book for you and your loved ones.  It is a beautiful gift to the world written by Bonnie and our Abba.  You can get the book on Amazon, or you can find it at where you will also find goodies Bonnie is giving away to those who purchase the book.  You are also invited to join the book club that begins June 5th that will last through the summer.  You will find me there resting and being refreshed by the book and all the ways Bonnie has learned how we can practically rest in our busy lives.  I can’t wait to see you there.  Happy reading.

You can find Bonnie Gray @theBonnieGray on Facebook and Twitter, and she is blogging at

Rest in love Beloved,

❤ Melinda





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