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Dearest Abba

Planet Earth courtesy of Jean Beaufort
Planet Earth courtesy of Jean Beaufort


I know that my redeemer lives, and that in the end he will stand on the earth.  Job 19:25

Dearest Abba,

I am sure you know I have had the most incredible case of writers block for months now.

I don’t know what to write , but I know I can’t go on without writing either.

From the depths of my depression I see all around me your hand reaching down

into this pit to draw me out with your lovingkindness.

Like Mephibosheth I wonder why you would look upon such a dead dog as I,

but then I realize you are to be praised.

For when you look upon me you see Jesus and a daughter you loved enough,

rather more than enough, to send your Son to die for my sins past, present, and future.

Like Job I am privileged to say I know my Redeemer lives and on the last day He will stand upon the earth.

This is my ultimate hope.  You have not left me orphaned here.

You have already sent your Holy Spirit, but you will also come for me.


Blessed be the Lord Almighty who loves His children and will not break one promise to them.



He will return for us.  Not because we think we are worth it, but because

He thought we were worth saving.  Here is one of my favorite songs. I thought I would share it with you.

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