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Fear, Guts, Glory, and Grace

Whom Shall I Fear

It Came In Early

Fear came in and sat down to have a party in my mind from the time I was a wee little girl.

It all has to do with my past of childhood sexual abuse. That will mess up your mind for real.

However, as an adult as you seek healing you have to learn to deal with fear.

Dealing with fear means making a conscious effort to deal with your mental state.

That may be everyday of the rest of your life until you are delivered from that fear.

I know some of you are dealing with fear for other reasons yet you still have to make a conscious effort to deal with your mental state too.

It Wants You in a Wheelchair

Fear wants to paralyze you and me. It wants the driver’s seat where it can place doubt, insecurity, hypervigilance, mistrust, lack of trust, dread, despair, concern,

suspicion, and many others in the back as back seat drivers.

This is where the battle of the mind comes in, and recently I watched a taping of a Living Proof Live Event by Beth Moore where she talked about guts and glory.

She basically said that if we are going to live out our destinies that we are going to have to hold on to God’s Word with all that we have and have the guts to face the fear.

Then give God all the glory.

I want to have the guts don’t you. The guts to face the fear and all it’s back seat drivers so I can live on purpose and live out my life’s purpose.

It Can Be Defeated

However, we are going to have to know God’s Word and we are going to need the Holy Spirit of God to defeat fear in our lives once and for all.

So I have chosen the first verse to memorize this week.  To take on the false evidence that appears to be real.

I actually have this tattooed on my back with a large tribal lion representing the Lion of the Tribe of Judah with the word Psalm 27:1.

It is the verse that tells me that God has my back in all situations. Glory be to God!

But I still find I need to memorize this verse again and again from time to time to remind me that He does.

So what about you. Do you want to come along with me and get some guts and glory going?

If so let’s ask God for the grace.

Abba Father,

We so need your Holy Spirit and much grace to overcome fear and all of it’s back seat drivers in our minds.  We can not do this without you.  We need deliverance from fear and we are calling upon you oh God for your mercy and grace to help us make it through.  Please help us as we memorize these Scripture verses and plant them deep within us uprooting all fear, doubt, and insecurity.  Uproot anything else causing us anxiety oh God as we place our trust in you and give you all the glory. In Jesus name.  Amen.

Recommend a verse you think we should memorize together below in the comments. I love to hear from you.


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