Faith, Rest

Restless, Seeking Rest?

Mimosa Tree Leaves Courtesy of David Wagner
Mimosa Tree Leaves Courtesy of David Wagner

Summer Days Drifting Away

It’s been a lovely summer although long and filled with activity.

I am happy to look out my window and see the Mimosa swaying in the window knowing I have no more assignments to turn in.

I completed my courses for the summer with three kids at home. I thought maybe I would get a badge or something, but I have long since been a girl scout.

Just a Mom trying to earn a Christian Care and Counseling Degree at Oral Roberts University.
The Fall semester will begin on the 24th of August, and until then I have four days until our beach vacation, and I find myself restless.

I have my book I have been working on, but I have pledged to take this time off from doing anything. Well, to say the least. The idleness is driving me crazy.

What do you do when you don’t know how to rest?

My friend Bonnie over at has written the most marvelous book that I love to read when I am restless.

It’s called Finding Spiritual Whitespace.

So I know I will take a peek at it today, but I thought I would ask you for some advice about resting.

Seeking Rest

First of all, do you ever find yourself restless when you are seeking rest?

Did you know practicing the presence of God in prayer can ease our restlessness?

Well it can. [Tweet “Sometimes we are just trying to be busy because we have something we don’t want to address with our Lord.”]

Maybe the emotional toll is too much.  Too much built up stress.  Try getting a few moments of alone time with the Lord and see just how therapeutic it can be.

Put on your favorite worship music and sing along until you feel the restlessness leave, or grab your Bible and get filled with the word.

Whatever works for you.  Just give yourself the gift of God.  He’s waiting by the well for you.

Questions about your favorite way to rest:

1. What is your favorite fiction read right now?
2. Besides curling up with a good book what activity or lack of activity do you enjoy as rest?
3. What is your favorite kind of tea or unwind beverage?
4. Do you have any more advice for a girl who needs to learn how to rest so she can be renewed when it comes time to begin again this fall?

Thanks for your input friends.

Love to you all Beloved.

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