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Dear Grace: A Letter of Thanksgiving
Into the Light courtesy of Bobby Mikul

Dear Grace,

Some days I rest in you better than any sleep number bed.

On other days you are more slippery to me than any oil spill in the ocean.

I try to get a hold on you, but my fingers cannot grasp a drop that gets swept away by the waves.

When the trials of life and the way I’ve fallen screams that I am not worthy of you.

Sometimes you embrace me so gently and allow me the pleasure of your company.

Then when I think I finally have a hold on you for certain,

I slip and fall again and I cannot find you.

However I am so thankful for the company of friends you bring with you.

That Mercy never ceases to amaze me when she shows her face

That Redemption reminds me that I just have to open my eyes to find you

I want to say thank you for always being a present well.

No matter where I am or no matter what I’ve done.

I want to thank God for you. For the well of you.

One so deep that never runs dry.

That fills and pours forth every day from His Presence.

So I stand cleansed from the stains and from humiliation and shame.

You are beautiful.  You make me beautiful.

A Million Billion Times Thank You With Eyes Wide Open,

❤ Melinda

Beloved I wanted to share this song a reader once shared with me.  Do you know a song about grace?  Share it here in the comments. I would love to hear it.

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3 thoughts on “Dear Grace: A Letter of Thanksgiving”

  1. What a beautiful poem reflecting God’s mercy, love and grace! Linked up with you at Faith Barista — hope you’ll stop by Saved by Grace for a visit!
    God bless,

  2. Beautiful! Such a tender expression of the struggle so many of us have with receiving grace that God extends to each and every one of us. We have to ask and receive. Some days that’s easy and some days it’s the hardest thing to do. Love this!

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