Refuge and Wind Beneath Her Wings: A Tribute to Taylor

All Grown Up

I sit on my front porch and I tell God that all this rain, these buckets full, are my tears pouring down from heaven.

Precious whispers of prayers falling back to earth that echo of a lifetime.

I’m crying them because my daughter is graduating from high school this weekend.

Tears of joy and or sorrow.

I wonder what the weather is like down in Georgia because that’s where she lives.

She moved there to live with her father just after her thirteenth birthday.

I waited for her to come home, and she did, to visit, but she began a life there that was best not to be disturbed.

There comes a time when a momma has to let go and let a girl know her daddy loves her.

She met Jesus in Georgia and what more could I ask for?

Eternity with her will be so much sweeter than any moment I could have with her here.

Still I remember the baby in my womb and the beautiful tears I cried that day

All nine and a half pounds of her came into my life screaming her need of me.

So I cry off and on as I pack and as I tell my husband this and that about our trip.

It feels like I will never get her back again, but that isn’t true, I still have a beautiful daughter all grown up now.Set featured image

It’s time for this momma to let her fly out into the world and let Jesus take the wind beneath her wings.

I wonder as I look upon the rain where this life will take her, and I open my arms


To let her know whether she is screaming or crying, and she has need of these arms they will still be open

That I will forever and always be her Momma. (A praying Momma)

A refuge in life’s storms, one to rejoice the day that she was born, and all life’s joys along the way.




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