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Standing In_Between

We all gathered together for time for ourselves.  To be at one with one another, in search of God and Spiritual Whitespace as my friend from across the miles, Bonnie Gray, calls it.  A book club with hearts unfolding before God.


As I showered prior to our time together I heard something in my innermost being.  So I decided I would use it to open our time together.

She had gotten here earlier than the rest and said, “You don’t have to do that.”  I knew, but it had meaning.  So I stroked my lashes with blue eye shadow.

I told the group that in my effort to find intimacy with God I often wore makeup. A little moisturizer to even out the wrinkles in our relationship.  Some foundation to hide the blemishes and redness of shame, and mascara to be someone I’m not. Trying to dress up my spiritual life. 

I wondered if they experienced the same thing. Something standing in-between them and God who knew everything. A lack of authenticity.

So we all silenced our hearts and turned our eyes upon Jesus.  We chose my truth playlist and hit random to let God speak to our hearts.  This is what God had to say:

Healer | Kari Jobe: https://youtu.be/Yzejd6r9DwEhttps://youtu.be/Yzejd6r9DwE

What is standing in-between your heart and God’s? Will you believe Him for healing in that place?

Blessings Beloved,
♡ Melinda McCray

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