Moment with God: Dangerous

As I sit and read the Bible, I recall someone once telling me to pray dangerous prayers.  I don’t remember when or who spoke those words, but I ponder them today.  More than once God has called me out on the water to walk with Him.  The wind and waves of life’s circumstances doing their best to distract me, and causing me to bow down in defeat and sink in the water.  Yet, the LORD, who called me out always rescued me and sheltered me while carrying me back to the boat.

Courtesy of Karen Arnold
Courtesy of Karen Arnold

Again and again, I would hear Him calling through the storm for me to come out and trust Him.  To take my eyes off my own feet, and lock my eyes on His.  We are unable to weather the storm without a clear understanding of who He is.  Sometimes the most dangerous prayer we can say is the one that the man who wanted healing for his son said,

I believe.  Help me overcome my unbelief.”

Let us determine the most dangerous prayer we can pray.  What does that prayer of faith look like?  Do you need to speak the prayer of Peter, “Lord, help me.”  Or do you need to pray like the man looking for healing for his son?  Or a more dangerous prayer spoken by Peter, “Lord, if it is you, call me out upon the water?”

Why are these prayers and others dangerous?  Because they dare to believe that God is trustworthy.  They dare to rely on him alone.  [Tweet “Dangerous prayers open up the opportunity for God to do the miraculous.”]  They communicate our trust in His word.

Comment below with your dangerous prayer.  Allow me to pray it with you.  If you don’t know how to pray.  Ask the Lord to help you and pray in the Spirit who waits to assist you.

Can I pray for you?

Lord, I am so grateful that you hear every prayer.  That your answers are not limited.  That it may be yes, no, not right now, wait, or what we are seeking to know.  I thank you that you know what we are going to pray before we even open our mouth to speak.  Please Lord help us to believe in your promises toward us.  Help us to pray the dangerous prayers of faith knowing that you know what is best for us.  Knowing that if you call us out upon water in the midst of the storm it is because you are there.  Bless my brothers and sisters as they pray dangerously.  If their eyes are seeing you only dimly help them to cry out to you for clarity, and to take up expectation as they await your answer.

In Jesus name,


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