I was waiting for the service to begin.  The youth had practiced a little, but they worked hard to be prepared.  Today we would be blessed with their play.

I looked over and saw the sign on a church pew, and it struck a chord. 



I realized the sign was prepared so the youth could sit up front and easily get to their places.  But, I couldn’t shake the thought of reservations.

I thought about all the empty pews in the world.  They may not have reserved signs, but they were ready to receive. 

No Room

The play was about having no room at a modern hotel for a Savior.  It reminded us that there was no room for Jesus at the inn.

A Grace Place

But, bless God, he made room for every one of us.  He has a place reserved for us in heaven, and until then may we tell others who don’t know about His saving grace that they have reservations.

Let us continue to invite our friends and family to church.  Let us bring in those we can and tell them, with great love, “Jesus has reserved a place for you, and until his return we have too.

❤ Melinda

Blessings Beloved,
♡ Melinda McCray

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