Waiting for a Miracle

Park courtesy of Anna Langove
Park courtesy of Anna Langova

Prodigal of Silence

It’s so quiet here in my office.  A Sunday afternoon.  The sunlight coming through the windows falls on the dark shadows that the lamp light doesn’t reach.  I feel awkward here in the silence.  Isn’t that strange?  Yet, it isn’t because  hustle and bustle seems to be the heartbeat we all run to these days.

So when the quiet creeps in it seems out of the norm.  Yet it is so very necessary to our lives.  Otherwise we ignore our hearts, our minds, and our God.

I walked over to the shed my office is in, and I felt like the prodigal returning home.  I just want Jesus.  I whispered over my heart, “Father are you waiting for me?”

I began watching a movie with the kids.  It is by Debbie Macomber.  It is called, Mrs. Miracle.

In the movie all the nannies and housekeepers keep leaving because the twin boys are a mess of trouble to deal with.  So the widower is left to try to be a full-time Dad while he works.

The housekeeper who leaves last tells him that he needs a miracle.  So Mrs. Miracle shows up.  An angel who changes everything.

What’s yours?

What is your definition of a miracle?  What does it look like when you close your eyes?  What would the results be of having a miracle take place in your life today?

The definition of miracle is found on Merriam-Webster.com as:

an extraordinary event manifesting divine intervention in human affairs

Necessity of Miracles

Don’t we all need a miracle?  Maybe you are thinking, “Oh yeah, more than one sister!”  I find this is especially true when

the noises in our head are roaring, and it seems we never have time to enter into rest.  Today my friend, I need one, how about you?

But, what if that miracle is waiting on us.  In the not to distant right now, but we just don’t reach out and grab it?

So I plan to sit here while the heater warms this space, and invite God into this place.  In stillness.  In rest.

The scripture that I love says it best,

Be still and know that I am God.  Psalm 46:10

That word still.  That word actually means stop striving.  Stop working, and know God has all things in His hands, even us.

[Tweet “In the silent invitation the miracle takes on a whole knew definition”].

A divine interruption of the soul where heaven comes to earthen clay, and the King of the Universe meets us in the waiting.

Beloved, He is waiting on us to grasp the miracle of His presence with both hands.  To cease our striving.  To come home to Him right where we are.

Reach out and take hold of sacred space today.  ❤ Melinda



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