When Your Plans Are Interrupted

Be still and know I am God.  Psalm 46:10 

Wooden Park Bench courtesy of Lynn Greyling
Wooden Park Bench courtesy of Lynn Greyling

Last week did not go like I wanted it to.  I had many plans, but nothing would come together.  I planned to introduce you all to lovely writers and bloggers who mean the world to me.  I had plans to write, and to get my projects and homework done for school.  I had plans to spend time with my husband because he was on vacation.  But each day just rolled into the next without accomplishing anything I wanted to do.

I didn’t understand and so I prayed.  I found the need after that prayer to turn off social media, and to turn up stillness in my life.  Not only did I have to just rest.  It was very hard for, but I had to battle dizziness and exhaustion from my new medication.

The doctor had given me Lyrica in hopes that it would be a blessing to me in the battle against Fibromyalgia.  I am still adjusting to the medicine.  And you know what I think?  God was trying to tell me to relax.  To be still and know He is God.

Today I can finally say I am grateful.  My body is still adjusting, but I am not behind on anything.  So I wanted to give thanks to God for interrupting my plans. I want to say thank you for rest, but actually take it and not just be thankful for it.  To exercise being still.

I still have no desire to be online this week either.  I just want to sit with Jesus, and let my heart take in what it needs.  To give my body rest, and to really treasure my time with my family.

Are there plans that you had that have been interrupted?  If you don’t understand now you will later.  Can you find the stillness and just let God give you His rest?  Take hold of it with both hands.

Resting In Christ alone,

❤ Melinda

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