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When Fog Settles In


Vague Fog

Today is one of those days when I am questioning if what I am doing is the right thing.  And, the thing is there seems to be a vague fog circling my mind. SoI prayed and asked the only one with clarity what I should do.

Inquiring Mind

I picked up my phone to read some devotions believing for an answer.  It had a forecast from Weatherbug for a place I hadn’t ever set up.  It was telling me there is fog in Hurt, Virginia.

Where In The World

Well I do live in Virginia, but I have no idea where Hurt is. Yet the forecast says there will be fog.

The Hurt

Depression set in last week and I recognized my need to be ministered to by a counselor.   So I made an appointment with vague understanding of why I was feeling this emotional pain.

The Forecaster

But God new the forecast.  He knew that where I hurt would be foggy today.  He knows right where I am.

So my job is to rest and believe it will all be clear soon.

When the people asked what they could do to work the works of God, His answer was to believe in the One He had sent. (See John 6:29)

So when you don’t know what to do put Faith in the One who will make it all clear very soon.

When Fog Clears

Beloved in wait, let’s rest in that hope today. By the way the forecast for this afternoon is clear and bright. 😉


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