Monday Moment with God: It’s Not Over

Praying Hands by George Hodan

What can happen when we have been praying for a long time about a circumstance, a person, a long expected promise is dwindled hope. 

You may wake all day shaking the cup that is supposed to be running over for answers.  For that still small voice that seems so distant and cluttered with care.
But God sent me a message this morning, and I’d like to share this spark of hope with you.  He has a plan.  He is not only Alpha, or the In between now,  but Omega.  Only He can say it’s over.

Listen to this song a brother in Christ wrote when he allowed his praying hands why to open up to lifted hands in worship.

Hold on because it’s not over.

Beloved,  hope endures.
  ❤ Melinda

Ricardo Sanchez – It's Not Over: http://youtu.be/BrVmW-pWdv4

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