Monday Moment with God: Too Good Yet Still True


There is but one antidote to the poisoning of the mind known as fear.

It is knowing God’s perfect love.  It cannot be compared to any earthly experience.   Instead it must be understood that our human mind can’t wrap around it.

Paul tells us it surpasses all understanding.  It is honestly mind blowing.  So if it doesn’t blow you away it is not perfect love.

So how do we understand Gods love for us?  We meditate on what He has done for us. Not on what we do. For who but God has done these great things when we were still so undeserving? No one.

It is too good! This belief that nothing we or anyone can ever do can change God’s love for me and you. It’s scandalous.  But, not too good to be true. 

Feeling fear is natural.   Most things we do we will do afraid, but if that fear paralyzes you then you don’t know perfect love.

Let’s choose the work of believing the God who loves perfectly.  With an everlasting, outside of time love.

How would your life change if you knew that you knew that nothing could change, nor compare to God’s love for you?

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