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Monday Moment with God: Singing in the Dark

Truly, I say to you, whoever does not receive the kingdom of God like a child shall not enter it. LUKE 18:17 ESV


This week is Spring break for my children.  They are so carefree as they rest from their work.  This morning they made me breakfast and then flew outside so ready to celebrate the day.  Singing, “It’s time to get up in the morning. “

“May we all have faith as these little ones,” said Jesus. Best seen resting in the arms of what Christ has said is finished.

It is easy to rest when the light shines around you and all is blooming new life. Dancing out into the sunshine and delighting in the breeze. Soaking up every ounce of sunlight until darkness settles in.

Yet in the dark where we cannot see we can become just as scared as little children.  Running and jumping into our beds of faith while praying the monster under the bed never penetrates the covers. Staring at our nightlight until sleep comes. Hoping for day. 

This week no matter what darkness may surround us let’s take a mental Spring break.  Singing of the joy that comes in the morning just like my children.  Resting in Jesus and singing all the way. Having assurance that there comes a day.

What is your favorite song to hear or sing that brings light into the darkness? Share your answer in the comments.

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1 thought on “Monday Moment with God: Singing in the Dark”

  1. I’m not a hymn person in general, but Amazing Grace does it every time. All verses all the way until all that is left is Praise God over and over and over. Stopped by from Coffee for the Heart!

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