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Faith is action!

Courtesy of Maliz Ong
Courtesy of Maliz Ong

What now?

So many times lately I have cried out to the Father asking, “What do I do? You have called me to walk on water, but I don’t have a clue how to. I have the slightest idea of which step to make first.

This thing you asked of me, it’s huge.  The shoes are your size, not mine.”  Then I pour out my fears, and I pour out my disappointments, and suddenly in my very imperfect, David like, prayer peace comes.

Joyce Meyer talks about the evil messengers sent out each day who sit on our shoulders and ask, “What are you going to do now?” Obnoxiously they repeat themselves constantly.

All day, each day as a church planter, writer, Mom, fill in any role I play here ________, I battle these feelings.   I am whelmed and flooded with the what are you going to do now and no answers.

Mental Atmosphere

But, when peace fills me during prayer,  and God speaks a word to my soul, my mental atmosphere clears.  Then I take a deep breath and remember this scripture.

Above all, taking the shield of faith.   Wherewith you shall be able to quench all the fiery darts of the wicked. Ephesians 6:16 KJV

I tell myself, “Wait just a minute.  You are doing something.  Faith is action.”  It takes energy to hold it up blow after blow.  You are believing God, and keeping your eyes on Him in the midst of a storm of hurricane proportions.

Holding up that Shield

Mental battles are active. I am exhausted as I am beaten by the wind and waves of mental strongholds, and expectations of others. It is proof I have been in action.

So my answer to the questions the wicked and the well meaning ask is not in respect to what I am going to do.  Rather I tell them, “I’m believing God.”

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