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Monday Moment with God: Shaped, Whittled, or Wasted


The Artisan’s Vision

I love the movie Ghost.  I’m just one who loves a romantic movie, and just about everyone you ask who has seen the movie knows that scene where Demi Moore is shaping a work on the potters wheel.  A vision in mind, she is tenderly lost in shaping what’s to come with concentrated care.

A likeness to our Potter, with precision and skill, lovingly holding us in his hands having shaped who we would be before the beginning of time in His mind.

Using the tools to mold us into a literal Master-peice. Spinning us in His hands. With a gentle touch and the water of life.

Placing our shape in a fiery kiln of life with an expected sheen of glory, and the beauty of the Father’s heart. Put on display for all to see.


Yet life is fragile and fierce. We can become broken and then confused about our identity and our maker.

We can long so much to be anything but broken that we opt to be someone we are not. Being what another would want. But he who would is not like clay at all but rather like wood itself.

Whittled down in the hands of man,  instead of shaped as willing clay. Even cutting at ourselves to gain approval.

But you know what? Wood is burned up in the fiery trials of life. Leaving nothing but ashes. Tossed aside when no longer of use.

If we allow the One who shaped us for his glory to put the pieces of our lives back together by inviting his light, we can still shine no matter how broken.

Never Too Late

Even if you think its too late and that your worth is that of ashes to be discarded. Don’t lose hope in the one who can make beauty from ashes.

Our Potter can take those ashes and make our lives beautiful. He knows how to shape us. What to add to give stability and molding, and the right amount of heat to strengthen us once again. And, why oh why we are being spun. Again and again.

All we have to do to be restored is resolve to submit to the process of becoming our true selves. Approved to reflect God’s glory before one man was yet to live.

So I went down to the potter’s house, and I saw him working at the wheel. Jeremiah 18:3 NIV

More to ponder:

Would I rather be in the hands of the Master Potter whose image I am made in, or whittled on the front porch of the world?

What beauty can come from ashes? Google that!

All men were formed from the dust of the earth by the omniscient Creator.


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