Identity, In Christ

Identity: Who Are You?

Mirror courtesy of George Hodan
Mirror courtesy of George Hodan

Do you remember when you got your first ID card?  Mine was because I had to have one as a military brat.  Most get theirs when they get their driver’s license.  Others get them to let others know they are a citizen of this country.  Some get a badge at work that identifies them as employees.  Some even have great authority that goes with their badge.  Such as officers of the law.

No matter what the reason is that we obtain them, they identify I us as to having some privilege we did not have before.  Suddenly I was not only a military brat, but was identifiable as one.  The most who got their driver’s license were now able to drive legally.  Others who claimed citizenship were due their rights and responsibilities as an American citizen.  And employees who held their badge were due pay and benefits, and some jurisdiction over territory they have been given to govern.

The day I became a Christian I did not receive an ID card.  But I was one.  Suddenly I was entitled to all the rights and privileges as a child of God.  As His redeemed.  I still don’t have a card, but I have the laws and regulations that He left to those of us who are citizens of another country.  A better one than any found on earth.  He left His Word.  Now I have had my sin paid for and reap the benefits promised by God.  I also have been given the name of Jesus to exercise authority and to govern according to the laws of His land here on this earth.

If I want to stand up and be the Christian that I am, then I need to wield that which identifies me.  Jesus Christ and His Word.  I need to show my ID to the world, and to those who try to strip me of my identity as a child of God.

If I asked you right now to identify yourself as a child of God what would you do?  Could you show me your ID.  Could you tell me what it is that identifies you and makes you a citizen of heaven due all the rights and privileges .

Let’s focus on our Identity for the next few weeks.  Who we are in Christ to be exact.  Because if we can’t identify ourselves with Christ, and who we are in Him, then as Christians we are in identity crisis.  We are still living as the old you and me.  No rights.  No privileges.  No pay, promises or benefits. Having no authority, and nothing to show for what Jesus died to obtain on our behalf.  We can even flash a cross, but be having an identity crisis.

Meditate on this verse this week as you determine your identity.

My old self has been crucified with Christ. It is no longer I who live, but Christ lives in me. So I live in this earthly body by trusting in the Son of God, who loved me and gave himself for me.  Galatians 2:20  NLT

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