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Do You Hold Your Destiny Beloved?


When You Make Plans

The beginning of this year looked so promising as I got my schedule together and made plans.  But how many of you know that even if we have sought God’s will, that sometimes He interrupts, or allows an interruption of those plans.  Well, I ended up with vertigo.

Labrinthitis the doc said.  So I have been struggling with dizziness, eyes twitching uncontrollably, headaches, ear pain, and exhaustion.  So I had to slow down and let this run its course.  I had to rest and couldn’t write, counsel, preach, or take care of my family.  I had to be taken care of and I had to just listen.  Yet there is something in the midst of all of that which is profound to me.

Although it didn’t feel like it, God’s messages to me were that I have arrived at the place where He wants me.  It. doesn’t. feel. like. it. at. all, but according to my God I have.

Getting a Word

When I asked God for a word for this year I reflected upon His words to me over the past two.  Last year was harvest.  The year before was water-walker.  They were two years added to others of great struggles, and spiritual battles in my life.  Then I received the word for this year.  Destiny.

I did a double take.  Destiny. Really?  That is my word?  So I sought a biblical Word to go with that, and this scripture was revealed:

10 For we are His workmanship, created in Christ Jesus for good works,

which God prepared beforehand that we should walk in them. 

Ephesians 2:10 NKJV

Resting and Listening

Then I pondered long and hard.  For days I listened to sermons, teachings, scripture, and for God’s voice in my prayer time.  Over and over again He validated where I was and what I was to be doing.  But it felt like I was in the wrong place, going in the wrong direction, and I was very unsure.  I was being pummeled by myself with my inner critic.

But I suddenly started to believe Him.  I just decided.  Day after day, hour after hour, minute after minute until I accepted that all I believed He was speaking to me has been assured.

I realized that God had planned my destiny, but I held it in my hand.  Just like this necklace I bought after reading Holley Gerths’ blog post that asked what our word of the year was.


About the Promised Land

This morning a friend reached out asking for prayer about feeling unable to reach her dreams, her inability to cling to hope in them coming to pass.  I wrote back to her and replied with what I would like to tell you.

All the people that we think made it to the promised land, the one we think we can’t reach, did was take the next step.   They did not lack fear, they did not have greater faith, they were not more gifted.  They just put what little faith they had in God, and put one toe in front of the other until they reached their destination.  They struggled like we did/d0.  They doubted like we did/do.   They are inadequate like we are.  They didn’t realize they were there until God gave them a clue.  This is it.  Then they did what I am about to tell you I am doing.

The Calling

I am called to preach, to teach, to speak, to sing, to counsel, and to write.  All of these things have had me intimidated.  Doubtful.  Wondering should I just be doing one of them.  What does God want me to do.  Well.  These were all desires of my heart.  These were all the things I couldn’t help but do.  They were the, fit me like a glove, future  God planned for me to walk in.

All I had to do was believe it.  I held my destiny in my hands now.  I had to take it off of hold.  All I had to do was step into it.  Answer it.  Live in it.  Work in it.  Believe Him in it.  And so I have.  I am writing my book.  I have said that many timesI know, but now I am not “scrapping” my book. (Ahem)

I wrote the introduction to my book.  I purchased my portable speaker, mics, stand, and my guitar (I am learning to play).  I am in the middle of the church planting process.  I have plans to build my office and a place of worship.  I have confidence in my counseling ability as a women’s biblical counselor, and I continue my courses in obtaining my Bachelor’s degree in Christian Care and Counseling at Oral Roberts University.

All I had to do was stop trying to put confidence in myself and just make the decision to accept this was me, the burning desires of my heart, God’s will, and my destiny.

Trading Confidence for Godfidence

Beloved, what are you holding in your hands.  What is burning in your heart.  Where are you that you think you are not adequate enough to be.  There is only one thing holding you back, and I pray that this helps you know that the promised land doesn’t feel like we thought it would.  It’s a battle everyday to take the land that God has given us, and to occupy it.

So what is your destiny.  What can you claim for yourself today?  I love it when you share in the comments. What plans did God make for you to walk in? If you are still  feeling doubtful tell us how we can pray for you.  For instance comment this way:

  • I am a singer, a writer, a counselor, a teacher, a preacher, and I am believing God.
  • (insert your calling and destiny here)
  • Please pray for me this way…
  • or just a note about the post

           ❤ Rev. Melinda McCray

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8 thoughts on “Do You Hold Your Destiny Beloved?”

  1. its crazy how we make our plans and then life happens and swipes it away. I get in my own way most days not sure which way to go, how to follow my dreams. Im grateful that you’re feeling better. ❤

  2. I loved this….where are you that you think you are inadequate to be…and what plans did God make for you to walk in. Wow that’s so me right now! I have gotten involved with a church plant and doors have opened that I know God has planned for me but I feel totally inadequate and my apparent destiny certainly doesn’t look anything like what I expected. It’s interesting to see what God ends up using from your life and it’s often not what you expect. I would appreciate prayers to be brave enough and have the courage to step into what He is calling me to do,

  3. Melinda,
    Thank you for sharing your heart! I’m kind of at a standstill with my dreams/destiny right now. It feels like everything I ever wanted has been ripped away from me, and I don’t even know how to dream anymore. I’m working on it, though!

  4. How your words on taking the next step resonated for me. I really appreciated reading your blog this morning (I love reading all of blogs). Sort of think, aim, take a step. I think that’s so powerful. Its simplicity belies its power. As for the vertigo, bummer. When it happened to my husband, he was hospitalized for four days and we had to rearrange parts of our life to accommodate his recovery, and guess what? Those changes ended up being ones we needed to make and hadn’t even thought of. So there you go…you just never can really know how the Universe is going to turn your lemons into lemonade.

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